Becoming A Sports Memorabilia Collector

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If you are a new sports memorabilia collector, then you are about to embark on an interesting, rewarding and probably in some respects, a frustrating journey! Your primary concern when starting is to decide what you want to collect; which may not be easy due to the size of this particular industry.

The practice for a collector is generally to begin with a particular item of equipment, possibly from a certain era in sport, or develop your collection around a favoured team or player.  A question that must be asked, is whether you are starting a collection as a relaxing and interesting hobby, or is your aim to make it a lucrative investment?


Your first acquisition or purchase will always be remembered and therefore it should be something special! From this moment on, be aware of the enticements and traps that are prepared for you, by the "get rich quick" merchants and fraudsters selling non-authentic items. One of your greatest assets as a collector is to have extensive knowledge of your subject item. Take the time to research your chosen sports memorabilia, its origins and those involved in it, such as dealers and online market places.

It is generally wise with any new project, to start on a small and relatively less expensive scale, than to rush into obtaining as many pieces as possible in the shortest time. This will enable you to extend your knowledge and become familiar with pricing, available genuine items and possibly develop relationships with recognized sources. With this formula, you will be prepared to expand into more ambitious and expensive ranges of sports memorabilia.


During the late eighteen hundreds', tobacco companies in America recognized the potential, in the national enthusiasm for the game of baseball, which they directed towards the development of a "collectors" market. They achieved this by the clever advertising technique of inserting a card, featuring a particular player, into packets of cigarettes. At that time, the advertising media could not have had any perception of the "collection mania" they were unleashing!


The formation of other professional league sports provided opportunities for varieties of cards to be printed, sold and traded by collectors. During the nineteen fifties', sporting equipment signed by personalities entered the market, as did the practice of fans waiting at stadiums for signatures, or autographs from their favourite sports' celebrities.


The collecting of sports memorabilia grew rapidly in popularity and became more profitable. It became a beckoning opportunity for fraud from unscrupulous dealers and many unsuspecting and unaware collectors were quickly parted with their money by un-authenticated items and promises. This became a matter so serious that in 2000, the Federal Bureau of Investigation mounted a huge anti-fraud campaign. It resulted in more than $10,000,000 fake memorabilia being seized and an impressive number of arrests being made!


Although today, a collector is able to purchase authentic autographed items with confidence from recognized dealers, it is always wise to keep expanding your knowledge and contacts in the industry. This, together with your ever increasing experience, will help you to enjoy fully and appreciate a fascinating and exciting trip down a type of memory lane!


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Becoming A Sports Memorabilia Collector

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This article was published on 2011/01/05